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Common information
Considerations of I.A. Rakhimullin
From jubilee booklet
Jubilee. We are 40.

The chorus was created in 1968.

The chief of chorus is Rahimouline Irnis Ahmadoulovitch the honoured worker of art of Republic of Tatarstan.

The major task of activity of chorus is the musical education of students of Kazan State University and of youthe of Republic of Tatarstan on basis of folks melodies and the best songs of composers of Tatarstan and the songs of the people of the world.

The chorus wasin many cities and villages of Tatarstan, in Alma-Ata, Wilnus, Riga and Astrachan, Ufa and Saint-Petersbourg.

In 1976 the chorus was honorred of title of "Folk collective".

The chorus is a laureate of many republican and russian festivals.

There are valuable records at radio, television stations of republic of chorus. The chorus has its singers and an ensemble "Nightingale".

The repitions of chorus are held on Tuesday and Thursday in 2 and 3 phisical auditorium of main buildings of Kazan State University. Everybody is welcomed.

If you are interested in our activity. Please send us ideas about our perfomances in your cities.
Records ( CD, cassette etc) are available for everyone interested. Ramazan (mp3, 5,5 Mb)
Nightingale (mp3 1,4 Mb)

E-mail: Irnis.Rakhimullin@ksu.ru

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