Cognitive science in Russia

October 9-12, 2004, Kazan
The preliminary program of the 1st Russian Conference on Cognitive Science.

At the present stage, the program consists of three files:

1) The general grid of the conference, with the indication of all invited lectures and talks, all talks in the plenary session, the parallel sessions, the poster sessions, and all other events of the conference. (...)

2) The list of 9 parallel sessions, with the indication of the talks they currently contain. (...)

3) The list of poster presentations that will be distributed between two poster sessions, in accordance with the alphabetical order of the author's name.(...)
Guidelines for poster presentations:
Each poster presentation will be allocated a space of 1 meter by 1 meter. The material can be printed on separate A4 or A3 sheets, or on a single A1 sheet (approximately 60 by 90 cm).
Please make sure not to use font size smaller that 18. The heading must be visible from about 3 meters, and the text from about 1.5 meters.
Please avoid using extended text in the poster - instead of that please use brief formulations containing your main hypotheses and conclusions. It is recommended to use diagrams, illustrations, tables, and examples.
A more detailed information on how to make a poster can be found at

Unfortunately, the program is currently available only in Russian. If you cannot read Russian, you will be able to see only the titles submitted in English, and the list of parallel sessions translated into English. We will provide the full translation of the conference program into English a bit later (see below).

The timing of the oral talks and lectures:
Invited lectures: 60 minutes, including:
5 minutes - presentation of the invited speaker
45 minutes - the lecture
10 minutes - questions and discussion
Invited talks: 45 minutes, including:
5 minutes - presentation of the invited speaker
30 minutes - the talk
10 minutes - questions and discussion
Talks in the plenary session and in the parallel sessions: 30 minutes, including:
20 minutes - the talk
10 minutes - questions and discussion

Perhaps we will be able to include an excursion to the Kazan Kremlin on October 10 or 11, but we will know this only later. If this turns out impossible, excursions can be organized after the competion of the conference, on October 13.

The final version of the program will be composed and distributed several days before the beginning of the conference. In order to do this, we need to receive from each of the participants no later than September 25, 2004, the following pieces of information to the address

    A. A final confirmation of their presence at the conference.
    B. Full name in Roman letters and, if possible, in Cyrillic. We need this to compose the program in two languages.
    C. Information on the language in which the talk will be presented. Some people have submitted the abstract in English but plan to present the talk in Russian, some other vice versa, and still others are planning to speak in Russian and use some visual aids (like Power Point presentation) in English.
    D. Your contact phone numbers, including, if possible, a cellular phone number.

Regarding all issues related to the scientific program please contact us at the address Regarding reservations and other organizational matters please contact the Organizing Committee at

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