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Memorial Laboratory of Yevgeny Zavoisky
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Illustrations :

  1. Kazan State University. 1935

  2. The Building of Astronomical Observatory named after V.P.Engelgardt

  3. Zavoisky's Ultrashort-Wave Generator, found in Astronomical Observatory named after V.P.Engelgardt

  4. The Monograph "Ye.K.Zavoisky" by I.I.Silkin

  5. I.I.Silkin and N.G.Usmanova

  6. With Son Oleg

  7. Board by the Entrance Door of Memorial Laboratory

  8. I.I.Silkin and N.Ye.Zavoiskaya in the Museum

  9. The Equipment Found

  10. V.L.Ginsburg in the Museum

  11. Subscription Lists

  12. Opening Ceremony of Museum

  13. Konstantin Zavoisky and his wife Yelizaveta

  14. The Zavoiskys' Children: Zhenya, Boris and Tanya with Nanny and Batman. Mogilev-Podolsky City, 1908.

  15. The Zavoiskys Family. Kazan, 1912

  16. It was such a bell that Ye.K.Zavoisky tried to make in his early childhood

  17. Slobodskoy City. The house, where the Zavoiskys lived in the 1920-s

  18. The school building where Ye.K.Zavoisky studied
    in 1921-1925

  19. N. Katayev and Zavoiskys Brothers. Vyatka,1925

  20. School-Leaving Certificate

  21. Ye.K.Zavoisky, Promoted Student of Kazan University

  22. Kazan City, Kekin's House, the Residence of Students' Physico-Chemical Circle. 1935

  23. The Building of the Research Institute of Chemistry named after A.M.Butlerov, where on the third floor the Physics Institute was situated

  24. University Student Ye.K.Zavoisky

  25. Journal Cover and Title Page of Ye.Zavoisky's First Scientific Thesis

  26. Textbooks and Educational Supplies used by Ye.K.Zavoisky

  27. Copy of Kazan University Diploma

  28. Professor V.A.Ulyanin, Director of Physics Institute

  29. Recommendation by V.A.Ulyanin

  30. Superregenerator of 22,5m wave length and its scheme

  31. Generator of 45m wave length

  32. Installation for Photography of Superregenerator Resonance Curves

  33. Ye.K.Zavoisky, the 1930-s

  34. Staff of Central Radiolaboratory (Leningrad). P.V.Vinnik stands second to the right

  35. Ye.K.Zavoisky near Vinnik-Zavoisky Installation

  36. Ye.K.Zavoisky, Associate Professor of Physics Department

  37. Ultrashort-Wave Laboratory of Kazan State University

  38. Installation for researches on physical and chemical effect of ultrashort waves

  39. Linde Machine for Liquid Air Production

  40. Lecturers of Physics Department with Students-Physicists, 1930-1935

  41. Title Page of Ye.K.Zavoisky's First Doctoral Thesis. 1939

  42. Reconstructed Device for EPR Signal Observation

  43. The solenoid, in which the coil of radio frequency generator and a specimen, supplied from welder, was placed

  44. Gartman-Braun Mirror Galvanometer

  45. Dubois Magnet

  46. Abbot Roughness Indicator for EPR Signal Amplification

  47. Low-Frequency Amplifier of Abbot Roughness Indicator

  48. Pictures of the first EPR signals indicated on the screen of Oscillograph 51. 1944

  49. The reconstructed model of Oscillograph 51, on which Ye.K.Zavoisky recorded EPR signal for the first time

  50. Functioning Model of Autodyne Generator, mounted according to Ye.K.Zavoisky's scheme

  51. Kenotron of the 1930s

  52. Title Page of Ye.K.Zavoisky's Doctoral Thesis (1944)

  53. Announcement of Ye.K.Zavoisky's Doctoral Thesis Presentation

  54. EPR Signals obtained in the Institute of Physics Problems

  55. Diploma for EPR Discovery

  56. Ye.K.Zavoisky at Presentation of Students' Diplomas, Kazan City, 1940s

  57. EPR-Absorption Signal Curves of Specimen MnSO4*7H2O

  58. S.A.Altshuler, Ye.K.Zavoisky, B.M.Kozyrev

  59. Ye.K.Zavoisky in the Library

  60. I.V.Kurchatov

  61. Scheme of Electro-Optical Transducer

  62. Diplomas of Corresponding Member (1953) and Academician (1967) of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR

  63. Diploma of Lenin Prize Winner (1957)

  64. Diploma of International Society for Magnetic Resonance (1977)

  65. Ye.K.Zavoisky at Home-Made EPR Device (1950-60)

  66. F. Bloch

  67. C.Ya.Gorter

  68. P.L.Kapitsa

  69. Ye.I.Kondorsky

  70. E.M.Purcell

  71. Ya.I.Frenkel

  72. V.A.Ulyanin

  73. Abbot Roughness Indicator and Reconstructed Model of Oscillograph 51

  74. Fragment of Museum Exposition

  75. The Book by V. Zavoisky "Minuvsheye"(The Past)

  76. The Book "Charodey eksperimenta" (Magician of Experiment)

  77. The Book "Yevgeny Konstantinovich Zavoisky"

  78. Ye.K.Zavoisky

  79. Professor A.I.Shalnikov, Official Opponent of Ye.K.Zavoisky's Doctor Thesis

  80. Ye.K.Zavoisky

  81. Ruhmkorff Electromagnet

  82. Schmidt Spectrometer

  83. Kohlrausch Bridge

  84. Functioning Model of Steam Engine

  85. X-ray Tube of the 1920-s

  86. Tesla Transformer

  87. Portrait of Ye.K.Zavoisky by Kazan Painter Ye.A.Simbirin

  88. One of the First Records of Experimental Observation of EPR Signal

  89. Rough Copy of the EPR Machine Design (Fragment)

  90. The Scheme of Brake Field Generator (1944-45)

  91. Governmental Awards Given to Ye.K.Zavoisky

  92. S.A.Altshuler, C.Ya.Gorter, I.G.Shaposhnikov, C.D.Jeffries. Kazan, 1969

  93. C.Ya.Gorter, C.D.Jeffries, B.Bleaney, B.M.Kozyrev

  94. Ye.K.Zavoisky

  95. President of Tatarstan M.Shaimiyev in the Museum

  96. Nobel Prize Winner K.A.Muller in the Museum. (Left to right): I.I.Silkin, B.I.Kochelayev, M.V.Yeryomin, K.A.Muller

  97. Reconstructed Ye.K.Zavoisky's Installation. Demonstration of EPR Signal on Oscillograph Screen

  98. Leyden Jar (Left) and Demonstrative Galvanometer of the 1920s

  99. Portable Galvanometer of the 1920s

  100. Witston Normal Element

  101. Laboratory Equipment of Physics Institute

  102. Laboratory Equipment of Physics Institute

  103. Fragment of Exposition. Dubois Magnet

  104. Fragment of Exposition

  105. Microscope of the End of the XIX Century

  106. Water Colors by Ye.K.Zavoisky: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

  107. Monument to Ye.K.Zavoisky near the Building of Physics Faculty of KSU

Ye.K.Zavoisky at a ccountry-house in Novo-Darjino. 1969
at a ccountry-house in Novo-Darjino.

Yelizaveta N. Zavoiskaya
Yelizaveta Zavoiskaya

Konstantin I. Zavoisky
Konstantin Zavoisky

Tatyana Zavoiskaya (1900-1978гг)
Tatyana Zavoiskaya

Boris Zavoisky(1903-1937)
Boris Zavoisky

Vera Zavoiskaya (1910-1979)
Vera Zavoiskaya

Vyacheslav Zavoisky (1916-2001)
Vyacheslav Zavoisky

Mogilev-Podolsky City. Sobornaya Square
Mogilev-Podolsky City.
Sobornaya Square

Mogilev-Podolsky City. <br>Kievskaya street
Mogilev-Podolsky City.
Kievskaya street

Zavoiskys' children with governess<br>Kazan, 1916
Zavoiskys' children
with governess
Kazan, 1916

The cover of Nechaev's book 'Chudesa bez chudes'('Wonders without wonders')
The cover
of Nechaev's book
"Chudesa bez chudes"("Wonders without wonders")

'Children encyclopaedia' cover. 1913
"Children encyclopaedia" cover

Lecturers and second and third year students of KSU Physics and Mathematics Department. Spring 1928
Lecturers and second and third year students of KSU Physics and Mathematics Department.
Spring 1928

Ye.K.Zavoisky is giving a lecture to students
Ye.K.Zavoisky is giving a lecture
to students

Evgeny Konstantinovich (standing second right) on a yacht
Evgeny Konstantinovich
(standing second right)
on a yacht
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