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In September 1927 a second-year student Ye. Zavoisky applied for a patent on invention "The Device for Distant Control of Mechanisms". Besides, according to archive materials, Yevgeny Konstantinovich developed other devices: secret telegraph and automatic key for it, apparatus for transmission and reception of pictures by radio and wires; he made experiments with selenium and mercury in order to build a radio-signal amplifier.

After his second year at the university he began to study
Kosonogov phenomenon independently. In May 1929 in the journal "Vestnik Studencheskogo Physico-matematicheskogo kruzhka imeni N.I.Lobachevskogo pri KGU" (Bulletin of the KSU Students' Circle of Physics and Mathematics named after N.I.Lobachevsky) Ye.Zavoisky published his article "About Gas-Electrical Analogies", where he wrote:

"Kosonogov phenomenon must have been widely distributed in nature, and especially if "liquid-driving" force really exists, i.e. there is a flow of liquid by solid contact. Many natural processes will have to be explained from the viewpoint of this interesting phenomenon, and that is why it must be studied. It is too early to say something about the relationship between the reviewed phenomenon and main principles of thermodynamics; one needs precise experimental material".

In July of the same year Yevgeny had a traineeship at the Leningrad Institute of Physico-Technical Rontgenology, one of the leading scientific centers of the country. The students, having practice, asked Ya.I.Frenkel to give them lecture course on the newly-appeared wave mechanics. Such a strong wish of students-in-training to know the subject, which even experienced scientists accepted with distrust and irony, touched Yakov Iliych: he gave improvised lectures on the subject twice a week to the group of four people.

University Student Ye.Zavoisky
University Student

Journal Cover and Title Page of Ye.Zavoisky's First Scientific Thesis
Journal Cover and Title Page
of Ye.Zavoisky's
First Scientific Thesis

Textbooks used by Ye.K.Zavoisky
used by Ye.Zavoisky
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