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Memorial Laboratory of Yevgeny Zavoisky
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About the Museum

A large exposition of physical equipment of the period from the XIX to the beginning of the XX century, timed to the 50th anniversary of the EPR discovery, was held at the Kazan State University. Among the devices there was also a functioning apparatus for magnetic resonance described in Ye.K.Zavoisky's laboratory notes.

The displayed materials evoked great interest of the participants of the "AMPERE" International Congress, held in Kazan City in 1994. Professor Hahn, Nobel Prize Winner, greatly impressed by the displayed devices, said that such collection of equipment could be seldom seen in another country.

Academic circles suggested establishing the Memorial Laboratory of Ye.K.Zavoisky in the Kazan State University. The idea, confirmed by subscription lists carefully kept in the museum, was supported by scientists from Russia and the USA, Great Britain and Germany, France and Japan, and many other countries. However, only in four years they passed a resolution to open Zavoisky museum in Room 253 of the Main Building of Kazan University, where EPR was discovered.

The assistance in the museum establishing was provided by staff members of Physics Department. The EPR device, shown at the exhibition in Brussels, was presented to the laboratory by professor A.M.Nasyrov and associate professor Yu.A.Gusev. One should mention the informal support given by the Department of Human and Animals' Physiology. Financial support to the newly-established museum was provided by the biggest instrument engineering companies "Bruker" (Germany) and "Varian" (USA).

The official opening ceremony of Ye.K.Zavoisky's Laboratory took place in September 1997 in presence of scientific community and local authorities headed by the Mayor of Kazan K.Sh.Iskhakov. The staff of the newly-opened museum was to recreate the interior of the laboratory of the 1930-1940-s, repairing old parquet floor, windows, doors, walls, the ceiling and chandeliers of "Lutezzi" style as well as the laboratory equipment, including physical devices of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century and those, used by Ye.K.Zavoisky, and continue their work on collecting books from the library and family archive of the scientist.

V.L.Ginsburg in the Museum
in the Museum

Subscription Lists
Subscription Lists

Opening Ceremony of the Museum
Opening Ceremony of the Museum
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