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The Governmental Telegram (on blue cable form) dated August 30 says:

"The Governmental express-telegram at two addresses: Kazan University: To Rector Sitnikov Kirill Prokofyevich: Copy to: Zavoisky Yevgeny Konstantinovich:
Resolution of the Central Committee of C.P.S.U.: make final cash payment to professor: Urgently direct him to Moscow for regular work. No 25/191: Deputy of the First Main Department of the USSR Soviet of Ministers Aleksandrov".

Yevgeny K. Zavoisky left Kazan, but the branch of science established by him has its further continuation: in particular, paramagnetic resonance in a free radical was for the first time observed here; later on the influence of nuclear spin of paramagnetic atom on the EPR-line was discovered.

By governmental resolution Ye.K.Zavoisky was directed to the design office KB-11 to the Sarov City (Arzamas-16) for the period from 1947 to 1951, where he investigated the dynamics of shock-wave influence on a substance. For the task implementation (i.e. participation in atomic bomb development) he was given Stalin Prize (1949) and the Order of Lenin.

While working at the laboratory of measuring instruments of the USSR Academy of Sciences (Kurchatov Institute) in 1951-1955, Yevgeny K. Zavoisky with other staff members developed an original method of proton-beam polarization and sources for production of polarized nuclei.

Zavoisky also designed a unique device (multi-cascade electro-optical transducer EOP), which registered separate light quantum. On the basis of it the scientist suggested and built the first scintillation chamber for registration tracks of ionizing radiation and designed spark counter of ionization particles with time resolution (10-11sec), which is still the unbroken record.
Electro-optical transducer has also been used in optical telescopes in Astronomy for observation objects of low glowing. Under the direction of Yevgeny K. Zavoisky the series of researches on EOP application for investigation of quickly-running light and other processes (10-9-10-14 sec) was conducted and the principals of pico-femto-second electro-optical photography were established.

Ye.K.Zavoisky in the Library
in the Library


Scheme of Electro-Optical Transducer
Scheme of Electro-Optical Transducer
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