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Museum of History of Kazan University
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The stores of the Museum of Kazan University History enumerates several thousands articles, which represent the history of one of the oldest universities of Russia, implying documents, things, book s and photographs.

Among the Museum exhibits there are documents and photos of scientists and university alumni of the XIX-XX centuries. The book store mainly consists of scientists' private collections: their academic works, literary descriptions of their life and activity, books with inscriptions and autographs, author's and editor's correcting.

The priority task of the stores is acquisition of private collections, which include:

- documents
- manuscripts or type-written texts with author's correcting
- epistolary heritage (letters)
- personal things
- photographs
- diplomas of honor, certificates and State Awards
- graphic materials (drawings, sketches, water-colors).

Studies on private collections not only give the idea of a scientist's personality, whose materials enriched the Museum stores, but also tell us about the progress of science and education. Things from different collections, odd by time and circumstances, as well as various materials from other collections allow to create a complete and trustworthy picture of the University history within the exhibition space of the Museum.

The Museum is guided by normative documents of the Ministry of Culture.

University Badge of Graduate Student M.Budde (1918)
University Badge of Graduate Student M.Budde (1918)

A.F.Ioffe's badge, who participated in the VI Congress of Physicists
A.F.Ioffe's badge, who participated in the VI Congress of Physicists

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