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Journal of Science "Georesources"
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International journal of science "Georesources" (Георесурсы) is a multi- and interdisciplinary scientific journal for the publication of original research in earth sciences in the broadest sense. The Journal has been published at Kazan (Volga region) Federal University (Russia) since 1999. This journal has been formed to provide better coverage within the journals of Physics, Geology, Chemistry, Cosmology and other series for papers in the area of natural resources, including the human race, as well as undiscovered potential resources of other planets. Earth’s resources are not only energy and mineral, but also intellectual resources.

Georesources serves not only the community of scientific geophysicists, but all scientists who wish to publish new findings on the interactions between physical and other geological, chemical and biological processes within the Earth System. Papers on experiment and instrumentation, theory or modeling in the following areas are equally welcome: physics, dynamics and chemistry of the Earth; origin and evolution of the Earth, solar system and the Galaxy; structure and behavior of the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere; geosphere interactions; planets and space physics; environment and natural hazards; applied mathematics.

Georesources and
- Physics, Dynamics and Chemistry of the Earth; Origin and Evolution of the Earth and Solar System;
- Structure, Behavior and Interactions of the Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere;
- Planets and Space Physics;
- Environment and Natural Hazards;
- Applied Mathematics.

Proceedings of selected conferences in areas that the Editorial Board considers to be of special importance are also published(for example, of the conference & exhibition: Oil, Gas, Petrochemistry, Kazan, Russia).

The journal is published four times a year, and we are making efforts to minimize the time between submission and publication. The journal maintains sections for regular length articles, brief communications (letters) and commentary. The journal Georesources is included in the list of leading Russian peer-review scientific journals. It ensures fruitful interaction between theoretical and applied science, broad range of customers, patent protection.

Members of Editorial board are eminent russian and foreign scientists. Our customers are research centers, institutions, and industrial organizations in 16 countries, and we do our best to promote the journal on russian and international conferences and exhibitions.

We hope that you will find Georesources an interesting and informative journal to read and that you will submit your own papers for publication in it.
We look forward to receiving your comments about the journal and suggestions for improvement.


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