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Theme Regional Collections

Theme regional collections of the KSU Geology Museum had been gathering by lecturers of the Geology Department, students and the museum staff on the basis of field practice to one region or another. Numerous graduates of the Geology Department, who work in all the leading geologic organizations of the country, also made inestimable contribution. The result of this long-term work was a regional exposition of the Section, which represents samples from separate regions, rich in interesting minerals.

The Urals Province is characterized by the most representative set of exhibits. A.A.Stukenberg, who went to field expeditions to Beryozovsky mine, was the initiator of this collection. Owing to the expedition, the Mineralogy Section got about one hundred samples of wonderful native gold from the oldest gold-ore deposit in Russia. A.A.Stukenberg brought beautiful druses of crocoite and pyromorphite crystals from the same deposit.

A separate stall of the Urals exposition is dedicated to the mineralogy of the Urals Emerald mines. Except single beryl crystals the exhibition displays much precious type of this mineral, emerald.

The major part of the Urals exposition is devoted to Ilmen mountains, where the world-famous Reserve rich in minerals is situated. Sapphire-like corundums, zircons, beryls, topazes, amazonites and many other Ilmen gems are kept in the Mineralogy Section of the KSU Geology Museum.

The Urals exposition of the museum is regularly enriched nowadays. Every year students of the KSU Geology Department have their practice under thee direction of the university lecturers in the suburbs of Miass city (Chelyabinsk Region), where during their practice, they select rocks, ores and minerals for geology Museum of the native university.

For the last years the Urals exposition of the museum has been considerably widened due to Aleksandr V. Donskov, a collector and sponsor from Miass, who presented a remarkable collection of minerals and rocks from the Urals and Baikal region to the museum.

Cacholong. Kazakhstan
Cacholong. Kazakhstan

Charoite. Eastern Siberia
Eastern Siberia

Hematite. The Urals
Hematite. The Urals

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