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Educational centre Kazan-GIS-studio

A market of geoinformation services is rapidly developing at the moment. The use of GIS technologies has broad perspectives, because they are widely used in education, economics, science and other brunches of industry. One of the most important factors restraining the development of geoinformation technology in our region is the lack of qualified specialists and a very low level of literacy in the field of GIS. The world practice has shown that the most effective and fastest way of solving this problem is accelerated training and retraining of specialists in the field of GIS at special educational centers. The work of these centers is organized so that a person with minimal knowledge and skills in the field of GIS can start his work after the course is done.

In 2000 the geological faculty of Kazan Federal University (KFU) took part in the contest and got the right for the free use of software packet from ERSI and ERDAS companies world leaders in the field of GIS software.

In November, 2001 on the basis of the department of geophysics a training class was organized for teaching GIS foundations to the students of geological faculty using ESRIs software products. Since that geoinformation systems have become an integral part of our educational and research activities. Later the Centre of geoinformation technologies was founded at the department of geophysics.

In March, 2008 the Centre of geoinformation technologies Kazan-GIS-studio was certified in accordance with international standards stated by Environmental Systems Research Institute (USA, California) and nowadays its an Authorized training centre ESRI.

At present the centre works successfully on solving a wide range of general problems: it provides practical training on GIS technologies for students of the geological department of KFU, trains students and post-graduates for taking part in contests, competitions and conferences in the field of geoinformation technologies, and holds extension courses for specialists of different companies.

Despite its short existence, the Centre has definite achievements as well as plans for the future. The work of our centre is becoming more and more popular among the universities of Russia and CIS countries. In October, 2008 at the annual international conference of ESRI and ERDAS users in Russia and CIS countries Kazan-GIS-studio centre was recognized as one of the best educational centers of Russia and was awarded with a diploma and special sign "For outstanding contribution into the development of educational activities in the field of GIS-technologies and popularization of software ESRI and ERDAS companies".

Kazan-GIS-studio centre invites heads of enterprises and organizations to cooperate in the field of education as well as to carry out GIS projects.


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