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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the web site of the Department of Political Science at Kazan Federal University.

We live in a period of rapid change in all spheres of life - political, cultural, economic and social. The study of politics is concerned with the fundamental challenges linked to such change.

The Kazan Federal Universitys Department of Political Science has long been recognized as one of the very best departments in Russia.Staff in the Department are researching a wide range of subjects and teaching is informed by the very latest information and research findings. The Department focuses on political life at the global, the national and the local levels. As a collectivity, we are committed to the highest standards of teaching and research in the areas of political theory, federalism, conflict studies, international relations, and comparative politics. Our faculty and lecturers frequently win awards for their books, articles, and dedication to teaching.

We look forward to continuing to achieve a high level of excellence in teaching and scholarship.

Our undergraduatesincluding nearly 350 majorsplay prominent roles in the intellectual and social life of Kazan University. Our graduate studentsbenefit from the overall excellence of our program, our deep commitment tocollaboration, and our strong job placement record. Our alumni are to be found in Russian Parliament, local legislatures, political parties offices, in commerce and business, big corporations PR departments, in academia, etc.

One of the most exciting and distinctive aspects of Political Science at Kazan University is our interdisciplinary connections. We collaborate with colleagues in the humanities and social sciences. We have formal and informal connections with other colleges from Kazan University: Department of Law, Department of Journalism and Sociology, Department of History. We also have connections with other universities and institutions in Kazan, in Russia and through the World.

We believe that the research and teaching politics we offer at Kazan University is of the highest quality. We warmly invite you to join us.

We also aim to make the resources of the Department accessible to all who visit our web site. I hope that this web site answers some of your questions about us and raises further ones. We are pleased to have the chance to answer them.

Best Wishes,
Oleg Zaznaev
Professor and Chair


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