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KFU International Office

KFU International Office was formed in 1993 on the basis of the International Admissions Department and the Department for International Relations. Since then its activity is aimed at the achievement of a high international level, competitiveness of education and scientific research at KFU, wide integration of the University and the regional system of higher education into international academic cooperation, development of effective system of management of the KFU international activity.

All international activities receive full administrative support from our International Office, which provides a whole range of services to students and staff not just from KSU, but the whole of the region as well as to international students and professors. The units affiliated with the International Office include several International Centers and Language Test Centers. Together with KSU International Office, the following departments and centers are also engaged in international activity:
- Department of Continuous Education
- Center for Sociology of Culture
- Center of Legal Information, UNESCO department
Linar Latypov
Vice-Rector for International Relations
Andrey Krylov
Head of International Office


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