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Two-century old traditions make Kazan University one of the leading research universities in Russia. Of our over 1,100 person strong faculty, 570 associate and assistant professors with PhDs and 242 full professors holding 'higher doctoral' degrees are directly involved in research, one of the best rates of research activity in Russian universities. Over 300 members of our faculty are directly involved with KFU research laboratories and institutes; they are aided by a 300-strong research support staff.

Today the University runs 77 postgraduate research programs. Our graduate students participate in many conferences and seminars, both in Russia and abroad, while conducting their own research resulting in publication. KFU hosts 27 committees for the defense of dissertations, which confer the degrees of Candidate of Science (PhD) and Doctor of Science ('higher doctorate'). Every year about 230 PhDs and 30 higher doctorates are completed at KFU.

KFU academics annually publish over 4,000 books, articles and textbooks, 500 of which are in international publications. In the fields of physics and chemistry, the high number of international publications per KFU scholar indicates the national leadership of KFU in these fields. Similarly, the University has one of the best researcher-to-graduate student ratios in the country, also testifying to our high potential to conduct research.

KFU hosts one of federal centres of 'Joint Use,' where scientists and students from different faculties and even other universities and colleges have access to KFU's modern and expensive equipment.

Kazan University Press publishes a variety of scientific and technical journals.

  • Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii. Matematika (in Russian, in English)
  • Uchenye Zapiski Kazanskogo Universiteta (in Russian, in English)
  • Georesources: Scientific and Technical Journal (in English)
  • Magnetic Resonance in Solids: Electronic Journal (in English)
  • Environmental Radioecology and Applied Ecology (in English)
  • Web Journal of Formal, Computational & Cognitive Linguistics (in English)
  • Lobachevskiy Journal of Mathematics (in English)
  • Information Technologies and Teleradiocommunications (in Russian)

The University also actively participates in the activities of other international research periodicals, such as the 'Ab Imperio' journal (history and social sciences). Since 1995, many innovative publications and unique translations from English have been produced by KFU in interdisciplinary areas of social and cultural studies.


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