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№9, 2002

S.N.Vasil'yev Methods of fractal interpolation of Barnsley type 1
A.M.Gaisin and I.D.Latypov Asymptotics of the logarithm of the maximal term of the modified Dirichlet series 13
Yu.B.Yermolayev Proportionality of the Lie words in the classical Lie algebras 23
L.B.Yermolayeva Solving integral equations by the subdomain method 35
G.G.Laptev Absence of solutions of elliptic differential inequalities in neighborhood of conic point of boundary 48
I.B.Garipov Solution of the first boundary value problem for B-parabolic equation by the method of potentials 58
R.I.Mavlyaviyev Solution of basic boundary value problems for a B-elliptic equation by the method of potentials 61
I.K.Rakhimov Projective methods for solving Theodorsen singular integral equation 64
G.Sh.Skvortsova Weak sequential completeness of factor spaces of the space of integrable operators 68
E.D.Khusainova Some singular problems of diffraction with common boundary 72

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