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№8, 2002

O.G.Avsyankin Applicability of projection method to pair integral operators with homogeneous kernels 1
N.A.Bariyeva and I.A.Bikchantayev Problem of conjugation for nonhomogeneous CauchyЦRiemann equation on Riemann surface 6
F.N.Garif'yanov Representing systems of periodic meromorphic functions 11
C.Lomp, M.F.Nasrutdinov and I.I.Sakhayev Projective modules with semilocal endomorphism ring 20
A.I.Malikov Ellipsoidal estimation of solutions of differential equations by means of matrix comparison systems 27
E.A.Mirzakhanyan Construction of infinite-dimensional relative homotopy groups in Hilbert space 40
A.B.Sekerin Representing functions as difference of Steiner potentials 50
M.B.Sikhov Inequalities of Bernshtein and JacksonЦNikol'skii type and their applications 54
D.K.Ugulava An analog of the PaleyЦWiener theorem 62
E.D.Alshibaya Affine connections on distribution of hyperplanes in An+1 68
Ye.V.Afinogenova and V.N.Shchennikov Construction of estimates of error of linearization of systems of finite difference equations 71
A.A.Shlapunov Duality in spaces of polyharmonic functions 75

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