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№7, 2002

A.F.Voronin Analog of the Picard theorem for equation of 1-st genus in convolutions with smooth kernel 1
V.V.Dubrovskii and L.V.Smirnova Restoration of potential in the inverse Robin problem 6
Yu.A.Konyayev Algorithm to construct a quasiregular asymptotic representation of solution of singularly perturbed linear multipoint boundary value problems with fast and slow variables 12
N.A.Koreshkov Central elements and invariants in the modular Lie algebras 20
K.K.Muminov Equivalence of paths with respect to symplectic group action 25
Ye.M.Semyonov and C.Franchetti Orthogonal subspaces of rearrangement invariant spaces 37
Yu.V.Usachyov Bifurcation of bounded solutions of systems of ordinary differential equations 48
V.Ye.Fyodorov and O.A.Ruzakova Controllability of linear equations of Sobolev type with relatively p-radial operators 52
A.P.Chegolin Classes Lp,r


of LizorkinЦSamko type, related to complex powers of the telegraph operator
A.A.Shcheglova Algebraic-differential systems with deviating argument 63
A.B.Zinchenko Structure of Pareto set of some vector problems of scheduling 79

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