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№6, 2002

E.I.Abduragimov Uniqueness of positive solution of one nonlinear two-point boundary value problem 1
V.V.Vlasov Basis property of family of exponential solutions to difference-differential equations 5
A.G.Ivanov Correctness of expansion of problems of control over almost periodic motions 12
V.G.Il'ichev Heritable properties of non-autonomous dynamical systems and their applications in competition models 24
Yu.V.Kogan and A.V.Rubinovski\i Investigation of solution of equation for drifts of wave rigid body gyro in dependence on parameters 35
V.V.Malygina Estimate of the Cauchy matrix of some systems with aftereffect 40
V.S.Mokeichev Problem of eigenvalues in the whole space for equations with discontinuous coefficients 43
S.N.Popova Equivalence between local attainability and complete controllability of linear systems 48
A.K.Ratyni Elliptic boundary value problem with superposition operator in the boundary value condition II 53
M.T.Teryokhin Nonzero periodic solutions of nonautonomous system of ordinary differential equations 61
A.A.Shcheglova Linear algebraic-differential systems with varying delay 67
Z.B.Tsalyuk and S.S.Chistokletova Asymptotic of solutions of VolterraЦHammerstein equations 76

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