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№2, 2002

M.A.Arguchintseva Variational problem of optimal shape of a body with minimal radiation heating of surface 1
L.T.Ashchepkov and D.V.Davydov Stabilization of observable linear system of control with constant interval coefficients 9
U.Badam Necessary conditions of optimality in problems of survival 16
B.G.Gabdulkhayev and I.K.Rakhimov An optimal spline-method for solving operator equations 21
G.G.Islamov Admissible noise of linear controllable systems 35
Yu.A.Konyayev Method of unitary transforms in the theory of stability 39
L.A.Sazanova Stability of the optimal synthesis in the problem of speed of acting 44
A.G.Chentsov On construction of correct extensions in class of finitely additive measures 55
M.Yu.Kokurin and N.A.Yusupova Necessary and sufficient conditions of slow convergence of methods of solving linear ill-posed problems 78

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