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№12, 2002

A.A.Andrianova and Ya.I.Zabotin Control of minimization process in parameterized method of centers 1
N.V.Antipina and V.A.Dykhta Linear LyapunovЦKrotov functions and sufficient conditions of optimality in the form of the maximum principle 9
A.V.Arguchintsev Solving the problem of optimal control of initial-boundary value conditions of hyperbolic system on the basis of exact formulas of increment 21
A.S.Buldayev Optimization of dynamical systems quadratic by state 28
O.V.Vasil'yev and Ye.A.Lutkovskaya A procedure of improvement of control in parametric synthesis 38
R.Gabasov and F.M.Kirillova Stabilization of systems with delay by methods of optimal control 42
B.G.Gabdulkhayev Optimization of direct methods of solving periodic boundary value problems 53
V.A.Srochko Modernisation of gradient type methods in optimal control problems 64
S.V.Shpirko Existence and uniqueness of solution of problem of balanced programming 77
M.K.Kravtsov, V.M.Kravtsov, and Ye.V.Lukshin Types of (3n-2)-noninteger vertices of the polytope of three-index axial problem of choice 82

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