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№11, 2002

V.V.Vishnevskii Contribution of Bolyai, Gauss and Lobachevskii to the discovery of non-Euclidean geometry (in connection with Janos Bolyai's bicentenary) 1
R.F.Bilyalov Spinors on the Riemannian manifolds 6
A.A.Yermolitskii The hat theorem and problems of classification of structures on Riemannian manifolds 24
K.B.Igudesman Fractal dimension of the intersection of standard Cantor sets 29
L.Yu.Kasapenko Some algorithmic questions of associative algebras 33
V.S.Klimov Symmetrization of functions from the Sobolev space 41
M.A.Mikenberg Topological properties of manifolds over local algebra admitting holomorphic embeddings 48
M.V.Smol'nikova and S.Ye.Stepanov First order fundamental differential operators on exterior and symmetric forms 51
A.V.Stolyarov Intrinsic geometry of normalized conformal space 57
G.Yu.Vinogradova, V.M.Deundyak Index and homotopy classification of families of singular operators with dihedral group of shifts and PC-coefficients 66
T.B.Zhogova Families V22n-1, Um2n-1 and their projective deformations 70
P.A.Luzhetskaya, V.A.Nogin $L_p\to L_q$-estimates for operators of potential type with oscillatory symbols and their applications 74
S.V.Romanova Asymptotic estimates of linear functionals for bounded nonvanishing functions 78

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