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№1, 2002

G.A.Akishev Some theorems for Preiss system 1
M.B.Banaru Two theorems on cosymplectic hypersurfaces in 6-dimensional Hermitian submanifolds of Cayley algebra 7
S.M.Voronin and Yu.I.Meshcheryakova Analytic classification of typical degenerate elementary singular points of the germs of holomorphic vector fields on the complex plane 11
S.A.Gusarenko Conditions for positive definiteness of operators in Hilbert space 15
S.Ye.Zhelezovskii Estimates of convergence rate of the projection-difference method for hyperbolic equations 19
T.B.Zhogova Existence of families Rm2n-1 admitting projective deformations of second order 29
B.A.Kats Generalization of N.A.Davydov's theorem 37
A.Makher and N.B.Pleshchinskii Jump problem for the Helmholtz equation in plane-stratified medium and its applications 43
Yu.I.Popov Almost contact structures of the manifold P0n(H) 55
V.N.Salii Idempotent semigroups with transitive commutativity relation 62
E.N.Sosov Continuity of the metric


-projection onto convex set in a special metric space
V.L.Krepkogorski\u\i Interpolation of Besov spaces. Norms given via continuity module 73
D.Ye.Leinartas The Cauchy problem for multidimensional difference equation with constant coefficients 76
E.N.Sosov Letter to Editor 78

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