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№9, 2003

A.N.Abyzov Closedness of weakly regular modules with respect to direct sums 1
V.F.Volkodavov and Yu.A.Ilyushina Uniqueness of a solution of problem T for an equation of mixed type with conjugation of the derivative along the normal with the fractional derivative 4
T.V.Ershova Asymptotics for the central moments of modifications of operators similar to the Bernshtein polynomials 8
Yu.I.Zolotaryov Degree of equivariant maps with values in classes of equivariant bordisms and its applications 15
Yu.Ya.Isaenko On linear periodic systems on the plane having the matrizant of the required kind 19
N.Kehayopulu and M.Tsingelis On the adjunction of a zero to an ordered groupoid-semigroup 25
G.A.Sviridyuk and N.A.Manakova Phase space of the CauchyЦDirichlet problem for the Oskolkov equation of nonlinear filtration 33
E.N.Sosov Best N-nets of bounded closed convex sets in a special metric space 39
M.R.Timerbayev Spaces with graph norm and strengthened Sobolev spaces II 43
L.D.Eskin and S.L.Tonkonog The accuracy of approximate symmetries of equations describing the dynamics of the non-Newtonian fluid and invariant solutions of these equations II 50
H.Hopteriev, E.Pavlov Almost contact manifolds endowed with B-metrics and integrability 55
N.V.Chiganova Eigenvalues problem for an equation of a mixed type with two lines of singularity 63
E.F.Ayupova Weak singular integral equations of the first kind in Siegmund spaces 70

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