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№8, 2003

Yu.G.Borisovich and A.A.Demchenko On construction of degree theory for completely continuous and Fredholm sections of Banach vector bundles 1
M.S.Mathveichuk and E.V.Vladova Plus-operators in Neumann algebra 5
M.V.Gorelova and E.V.Chizhonkov The solution of saddle point problems by methods which use model saddle operators at the upper level 17
Yu.A.Dobrosotskaya An approximation algorithm using the step functions 26
E.N.Samoilova Resolution of singular integro-differential equations by means of spline collocations 35
G.A.Sviridyuk and C.V.Brychev Numerical solution of systems of equations of Leont'ev's type 44
S.L.Tonkonog and L.D.Eskin The accuracy of approximate symmetries of equations describing the dynamics of the non-Newtonian fluid and invariant solutions of these equations I 51
D.A.Abanina Analogs of the Borel theorem for spaces of ultradifferentiable functions of normal type 61
E.M.Bogatov and O.M.Penkin Fourier method in the Cauchy problem for a fourth order equation on stratified sets 65
B.M.Vernikov Quasi-identities in modular lattices of semigroup varieties 70
R.I.Kadiev (Jr.) The study of spectral characteristics of one-dimensional Schrodinger operator with potential containing δ and δ' interactions 74
I.K.Rakhimov Quadrature methods for solving Theodorsen's singular integral equation 79

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