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№7, 2003

A.N.Abyzov 1-strictly weakly regular modules and rings 1
V.A.Antonov and N.N.Amineva On groups with relatively large centralizers 6
R.Z.Dautov, M.M.Karchevskii and V.N.Paimushin Integrating matrices method for systems of ordinary differential equations 16
Yu.F.Dolgii and E.V.Kukushkina General form of a solution of a linear nonstationary system of function-difference equations 16
M.Yu.Kokurin and O.V.Karabanova Regularized projection methods for solving linear operator first kind equations in a Banach space 34
G.A.Kurina Solvability of a boundary value problem for a nonnegatively Hamilton system in a Hilbert space 45
E.N.Samoilova The projection methods for solving a certain class of singular integro-differential equations 48
G.A.Sviridyuk and S.A.Zagrebina On the Verigin's problem for the generalized filtration Boussinesq equation 55
M.B.Banaru On cosymplectic hypersurfaces of 6-dimensional Kahler submanifolds of the Cayley algebra 60
G.V.Zavision Linear system of integro-differential equations with delay 64
K.A.Kasymov, M.K.Dauylbaev Singularly perturbed linear integro-differential equations with initial discontinuity of an arbitrary order 70
V.Yu.Popov On equational theories of classes of nonassociative rings 75

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