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№6, 2003

M.B.Abrosimov Minimal k-extensions of precomplete graphs 1
V.V.Aseev Certain variations of geometric conditions for quasiconformality 9
E.S.Astapova, N.S.Astapov Certain examples of quadratic summation of power series 20
D.V.Vylegzhanin Generalized Hermitian geometry on a manifold with f-structures 25
F.N.Garifianov On the moments problem for entire functions of exponential type 33
M.I.Dodkin On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of certain functional differential equations 40
M.V.Pudova On the complexity decrease coefficient of some algorithms 46
K.B.Sabitov, S.L.Khasanova Spectral properties of the boundary value problem with normal derivative in the boundary condition for the mixed type equations and their applications 60
G.A.Trotsenko On the stability of solutions of almost periodic functional differential systems of neutral type 73

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