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№5, 2003

P.G.Danilayev Comparing two regularizing algorithms for solving an inverse coefficient problem 1
O.M.Dzhokhadze Darboux type problem in a dihedral angle for a class of third order equations 7
K.B.Sabitov and G.G.Sharafutdinova CauchyЦGoursat problems for degenerating hyperbolic equation 19
S.Ya.Serovaiskii Lower completion and extension of extremal problems 28
B.V.Simonov Trigonometric series with (K,S)-monotone coefficients in spaces with weight 39
M.R.Timerbayev Spaces with norm of graph and the strengthened Sobolev spaces I 52
A.F.Galimyanov Properties of singular integral with logarithmically weakened Hilbert kernel 63
S.M.Gafurova Mixed problem for B-hyperbolic equation 67
T.B.Zhogova Focal deformations of families Lm2n-1 71
G.G.Islamov Minimal number of orthogonal relations eliminating natural oscillations with certain frequencies 75

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