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№4, 2003

A.R.Abdullayev and N.A.Bragina Green operators of minimal norm 1
V.V.Vlasov and V.Zh.Sakbayev Well-posed solvability of differential equations with aftereffect in the scale of Sobolev spaces 6
Ye.V.Voskresenskii Attractors of ordinary differential equations 15
Yu.F.Dolgii and V.S.Tarasyan Conditions of finite-dimensionality of monodromy operator for periodic systems with aftereffect 24
A.G.Ivanov On optimal control of almost periodic motions 37
Yu.N.Smolin Exponential stability of almost periodic differential equations 54
L.Z.Fishman Determination of risky and safe boundaries of the domain of stability of equilibrium state for a second order equation with delay 58
K.M.Chudinov Criterion of stability with respect to a part of variables of an autonomous systems of differential equations 64
A.A.Shcheglova Left regularizing operator for algebraic-differential systems with delay 70

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