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№3, 2003

R.T.Valeyeva and I.K.Rakhimov One direct method for solving two-dimensional weakly singular integral equation of the first kind 1
G.N.Zainullina Problem $\Delta_2$ for the EulerЦPoissonЦDarboux equation in class of unbounded functions 13
Ye.Yu.Leonchik Estimation of local smoothness of singular integrals 18
M.A.Mikenberg Manifolds over algebra of dual numbers, whose canonical foliation has everywhere dense leaf 28
Yu.N.Pankratova The Nash equilibrium in a mixed extension of a game with ordered outcomes 31
B.I.Peleshenko Singular integral convolution operators of the weak type $(\varphi,\varphi)$ 40
K.B.Sabitov and N.G.Shmelyova Boundary value problems for the Lavrent'yevЦBitsadze equation with complex parameter 46
V.V.Sushkov Analytic solution of vector boundary value problems of the gas theory 56
S.P.Toropova Relation of semigroups with singularity to integrated semigroups 66
Ye.M.Karchevskii and S.I.Solov'yev Existence of eigenvalues of spectral problem of the theory of dielectric waveguides 75

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