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№2, 2003

B.G.Vakulov, N.K.Karapetyants and L.D.Shankishvili Spherical convolution operators with power-logarithmic kernel in generalized Holder spaces 1
T.I.Gatal'skaya and E.I.Zverovich Explicit solution of singular integral equation with the Weierstrass zeta function in the capacity of kernel 13
A.P.Gurevich and A.P.Khromov Riesz summability of decompositions by eigenfunctions of integral operators 22
Yu.M.Dyukarev and A.E.Choque Rivero NevanlinnaЦPick problem in class S[a,b] 34
A.B.Sekerin Applications of the Radon transform in the theory of plurisubharmonic functions 44
T.P.Sizhuk Boundary of close-to-convexity at point for univalent functions 53
P.V.Filevich and M.N.Sheremeta The regularly varying Dirichlet series converging absolutely in halfplane 58
B.A.Shaimkulov The CauchyЦWeil integral representation for matrix functions 67
N.R.Abubakirov Univalence of solution of the exterior inverse boundary value problem with respect to parameters x, y 71
S.N.Melikhov and Ye.V.Teknechyan Expansion of analytic functions into series in consecutive derivatives 74
R.F.Shamoyan Multiplicative properties of Blaschke products in some classes of functions holomorphic in a disk 79

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