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№12, 2003

R.Gabasov, F.M.Kirillova and N.S.Pavlenok Optimization of dynamic systems in the class of discrete controls of finite degree 1
B.G.Gabdulkhaev and L.B.Ermolaeva Optimization of direct solution methods for a class of integro-differential equations 28
M.V.Devyaterikova and A.A.Kolokolov Stability of some integer programming algorithms 38
V.F.Demyanov and F.Facchinei Bilevel optimization problems via exact penaltization 46
I.Ya.Zabotin Relaxation algorithms for constrained minimization of nonsmooth strictly pseudoconvex functions 59
I.V.Konnov and O.V.Pinyagina Descent method with respect to the gap function for nonsmooth equilibrium problems 67
E.A.Nurminski Method of parallel projection onto the convex shell of collection of sets 74
Index 74
Misprints in Russian Edition (2003) 59

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