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№11, 2003

M.A.Akivis and V.V.Goldberg Varieties with degenerate Gauss map with multiple foci and twisted cones 1
Mirjana Djoric and Masafumi Okumura On curvature of CR-submanifolds of maximal CR-dimension in complex projective space 12
V.A.Igoshin, E.K.Kitaeva and N.V.Kotkova Affine symmetries of quasigeodesic flows 21
J.Mikes and V.A.Kiosak Geodesic maps of Einstein spaces 32
M.A.Malakhaltsev Infinitesimal deformations of symplectic structure with singularities 38
A.A.Salimov and N.Cengiz Lifting of Riemannian metrics to tensor bundles 47
V.V.Sidoryakina Infinitesimal ARG-deformations of surfaces under the condition of generalized sliding 56
S.E.Stepanov Holomorphic maps of almost semi-Kahlerian manifolds 63
A.V.Stolyarov Space with metric projective connection 66
A.Ya.Sultanov Affine transformations of manifolds with linear connection and automorphisms of linear algebras 73
G.A.Tolstihina and A.M.Shelekhov Multipoint invariants of transformation groups and three-web defined by them 78
V.V.Shurygin On the structure of complete manifolds over Weil algebras 84

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