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№10, 2003

V.M.Bruk, V.A.Krysko The existence and uniqueness of solution of the Cauchy problem for differential-operational equations of mixed type 1
Yu.I.Butenko The method for integration of bending equations for sandwich structures 7
R.T.Valeeva and B.G.Gabdulkhaev The inversion of many-dimensional singular integral equations of the first kind 11
F.N.Garifianov The biorthogonal systems, generated by certain involutary operators 24
A.V.Loboda and A.S.Khodarev A family of affinely homogeneous real hypersurfaces of a three-dimensional complex space 35
A.M.Popova Multiplicative structure of finitely generated matrix rings 48
I.A.Sagirov A generalization of the Suzuki 2-groups $A(m,\theta)$ 53
S.N.Timergaliev The uniqueness of solutions of boundary value problems of nonlinear theory of thin casings 59
A.N.Frolov Set-theoretic structure of computable sets 68
E.A.Shirokova Mixed boundary value problems on a half-string for elliptic type equations 75

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