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№9, 2004

D.A.Abrukov Completeness of fundamental object of a surface which does not lie on the absolute of metric projective space 1
D.A.Vorotnikov The existence of weak stationary solutions of the boundary-value problem in the Jeffrice model of the motion of a viscoelastic fluid 10
S.Ya.Grinshpon Fully invariant subgroups of completely decomposable abelian groups 15
V.T.Dmitrienko and V.G.Zvyagin Strong solutions of the initial boundary-value problem for the regularized model of an incompressible viscoelastic fluid 21
L.P.Lebedev and A.B.Neimark The existence theorem for a shallow nonlinear shell with an obstruction 37
L.A.Masaltsev Minimal ruled surfaces in the three-dimensional geometries $S^2 \times R$ and $H^2 \times R$ 42
O.V.Rasin Polynomial algorithm for recognition the isomorphism of almost trees 49
S.N.Tronin and L.D.Gareeva Operads related to the operad of symmetric groups I 57
L.D.Eskin Polubarinova-Kochina's problem on basin discharge 68
V.M.Deundyak Application of the Nikolskii ideals to the research of bisingular integral operators 79

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