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№7, 2004

F.G.Avkhadiev New isoperimetric inequalities for moments of domains and torsional rigidity 1
B.G.Gabdulkhaev Projective methods of solution of singular integral equations 10
F.N.Garifianov and I.G.Salekhova The quasi-periodic Riemann boundary-value problem with a variable coefficient 22
A.M.Elizarov and A.V.Lapin The application of variational methods to inverse boundary-value problems for analytical functions 27
V.I.Zhegalov The solvability of hyperbolic equations in quadratures 44
Yu.V.Obnosov The solution of the problem of R-linear conjugation for the case of a hyperbolic boundary line of heterogeneous phases 50
N.B.Pleshchinskii and D.N.Tumakov Boundary problems for the Helmholtz equation in a quadrant and a half-plane composed of two quadrants 60
L.G.Salekhov and L.L.Salekhova Some classes of equations in the convolution algebra D'+ 72
V.V.Silvestrov The method of Riemann surfaces for the problem of interfacial cracks and inclusions in the presence of point forces 75

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