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№6, 2004

G.E.Abduragimov Existence of a positive solution of the boundary-value problem for one nonlinear functional differential equation of the second order 1
Yu.E.Boyarintsev and I.V.Orlova Block differential algebraic systems and their indices 4
E.I.Bravyi Solvability of the two-point boundary-value problem for a linear singular functional differential equation 12
V.V.Vlasov and D.A.Medvedev Estimates of solutions of differential equations with retarded argument 19
S.Yu.Kultyshev and L.M.Kultysheva Identification of certain classes of the evolutionary type operator models 28
V.S.Mokeichev Absence of eigenvalues in the case of a generalized wave conductor problem 39
I.V.Sapronov One class of solutions of the Volterra equations of the second kind with regular singularity in a Banach space 45
V.B.Cherepennikov The inverse initial problem for certain linear systems of difference-differential equations 56
K.M.Chudinov Stability of linear autonomous systems with aftereffect with respect to a part of variables 69
I.V.Shragin An analog of the Baire classification of measurable and standard functions 79

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