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№5, 2004

D.A.Abrukov Polar hypersurfaces of metric projective space 1
Ya.G.Buchaev The bounds for the norms of the eigenfunctions of the SturmЦLiouville problem in various spaces 11
O.S.Germanov Weyl geodesic field of cones in a three-dimensional Riemannian space 22
G.G.Zabudsky and D.V.Filimonov Solution of discrete minimax network location problem 30
P.N.Ivan'shin Structure of algebra of bounded smooth functions with compact support on groupoid of manifold with foliation generated by commutative group action 34
L.A.Krukier and T.N.Subbotina One class of triangular skew-symmetric solution schemes for a nonstationary diffusion-convection equation 38
V.T.Lisitsa Multidimensional surfaces with flat normal connection with constant curvature of the Grassmannian image 44
A.K.Rybnikov and K.V.Semenov Backlund connections and Backlund mappings corresponding to second order evolution equations 49
M.V.Smol'nikova, S.E.Stepanov, and I.G.Shandra Infinitesimal harmonic maps 65
L.B.Smolyakova The structure of complete radiant manifolds modelled on modules over Weil algebras 71
E.N.Sosov Analogs of weak convergence in a special metric space 79

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