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№4, 2004

G.N.Aglyamzyanova and R.S.Khairullin The Tricomi problem in a class of functions unbounded on a characteristic 1
L.A.Aksent'ev Convexity of a conformal radius surface and bounds for coefficients of a mapping function 6
L.A.Apaicheva Optimal quadrature and cubature formulas for singular integrals with Hilbert kernels 14
V.V.Kozhevnikov The direct variational method for univalent functions 26
V.P.Mikka The stationary points of conformal radius of spiral domains 36
S.N.Tronin and A.V.Semenova Operads of finite labeled graphs 48
E.A.Utkina The Goursat problem with additional normal derivatives in boundary-value conditions 58
P.V.Filevich The Valiron theorem on relations between the maximum of module and the maximal term of an entire Dirichlet series 63
L.D.Eskin Equations describing dynamics of non-Newtonian fluid with ReinerЦRivlin rheological law II. Invariant solutions 70

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