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№3, 2004

A.N.Abyzov Weakly regular modules 1
A.L.Grigoryan Functions approximation on a grid 4
Yu.B.Yermolayev Integer bases of the classical Lie algebras 13
A.V.Kalinin, A.A.Kalinkina Lp-estimates for vector fileds 23
N.N.Koreshkov On the nilpotency of Engel algebras of Lie type 32
V.B.Levenstam Construction of major approximations of the averaging method for parabolic initially boundary-value problems using the boundary level technique 37
B.F.Melnikov Description of special submonoids of a global supmonoid of a free monoid 42
S.P.Pavlov and V.A.Krysko The mixed variational problem statement about a plate, freely supported on a curvilinear contour 52
L.D.Eskin Equations describing dynamics of non-Newtonian fluid with ReinerЦRivlin rheological law I. Group analysis 59
M.Yu.Kokurin and V.V.Klyuchev The logarithmic estimates of convergence rate for certain methods of solution of the inverse Cauchy problem in a Banach space 67
G.G.Skorik The best error estimate of the averaging kernels method for the problem of differentiation of a noisy function 70
I.K.Sharankhaev Boolean bases of the second layer 75

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