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№2, 2004

V.G.Abdrakhmanov and Yu.N.Smolin The stability of periodic differential equation with delays 1
M.A.Alshanskii Model of white nose with values in Hilbert space 8
O.G.Antonovskaya Construction of the quadratic Lyapunov functions satisfying given constraints for continuous and discrete dynamic systems 16
I.T.Denisyuk Problem of conjugating solutions of the Lame equation in the areas with piecewise smooth boundaries 21
T.O.Kolbineva and Z.B.Tsalyuk The asymptotic behavior of solutions of one class of integral equations 33
O.I.Makhmudov The Cauchy problem for a system of equations of the theory of elasticity and thermoelasticity in space 40
A.V.Mezentsev The correctness of the degenerate Cauchy problems with generators of exponentially bounded semigroups 51
K.B.Sabitov and R.R.Iliasov Solution of the Trikomi problem for the mixed type equation with a singular coefficient by means of the spectral method 61
L.G.Kovalenko Speed of approximation of functions by negative order Chesaro means of double orthogonal series 69
L.M.Martynov Reduced semigroup varieties 73
A.Yu.Pogodina The limit of symmetric difference for a Cauchy type integral 77

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