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№12, 2004

R.Gabasov, F.M.Kirillova, and T.G.Khomitskaya Program and positional solutions of a terminal linear-convex optimal control problem 1
V.A.Emelichev, K.G.Kuz'min, and A.M.Leonovich On one type of stability of a vector combinatorial problem with partial criteria of the forms


-minmax and


I.V.Konnov and T.A.Kostenko Multi-valued mixed complementarity problem 26
V.M.Kravtsov Some new properties of the maximally non-integer polyhedron vertices in the three-index axial assignment problem 34
N.Yu.Satimov and G.I.Ibragimov One pursuit problem for discrete games with several players 43
S.Ya.Serovaiskii Optimal control for a singular equation with a nonsmooth operator and the isoperimetric condition 55
A.F.Tarakanov and E.D.Baratova The penalty function method and necessary optimality conditions in a differential cooperative game under an uncertainty 63
V.A.Terletsky Generalized solution of one-dimensional semilinear hyperbolic systems with mixed conditions 71
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