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№11, 2004

V.N.Berestovskii Similarity homogeneous locally complete spaces with intrinsic metric 1
M.L.Gavrilchenko, V.A.Kiosak, and J.Mikes Geodesic deformations of hypersurfaces in Riemannian space 20
B.S.Kruglikov and V.V.Lychagin Transitive and transversal actions of pseudogroups on submanifolds 27
M.A.Malakhaltsev Sheaf of local Hamiltonians on symplectic manifold with Martinet singularities 41
Udo Simon Affine hypersurface theory revisited: gauge invariant structures 48
S.E.Stepanov and M.V.Smolnikova Affine differential geometry of Killing tensors 74
A.M.Shelekhov and A.A.Utkin Three-webs defined by Riccati equation 79

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