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№10, 2004

M.A.Akivis, V.V.Goldberg, and A.V.Chakmazyan Induced connections on submanifolds in spaces with fundamental groups 1
Yu.A.Aminov and J.L.Cieslinski Immersions of regions of Lobachevsky spaces into spheres and Euclidean spaces and geometric interpretation of the spectral parameter 16
V.V.Balashchenko and D.V.Vylegzhanin Generalized Hermitian geometry on homogeneous Ф-spaces of finite order 30
N.I.Zhukova Ehresmann connection of foliation with singularities and global stability of leaves 41
E.N.Sosov The metric space of all 2-nets of space of nonpositive curvature 52
A.V.Stolyarov Conformal differential geometry of flat orthogonal nets 56
V.T.Fomenko Metrics on surfaces of constant mean curvature 66
V.V.Shurygin (jr.) Cohomology of Brylinski bouble complex of Poisson manifolds and quantum de Rham cohomology 70
S.B.Vakarchuk and A.N.Shchitov On approximation of Faber-Schauder series by partial sums with respect to the metric of the space φ(L) 77

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