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№9, 2005

I.F.Asadullina Multidimensional weakly singular integral equations of the first kind with particular operators 1
A.I.Dolgarev Groups of prime exponent and of length 2 with eight generators and Latin squares 6
Yu.F.Korobeinik Linear transformations of representing and absolutely representing systems 17
O.A.Matevosyan and I.V.Filimonova Averaging of weakly nonlinear parabolic operators in a perforated cylinder 27
A.D.Nakhman The limit behavior of the generalized Valee Poussin sums of multiple Fourier series 36
A.Yu.Novoseltsev and I.B.Simonenko Dependence of asymptotics of the major eigenvalues of a truncated continuum convolution on the rate of symbol maximization 49
V.Ya.Prudnikov Coercivity of convex functionals 53
B.Ya.Solon Total and co-total degrees of enumerability 56
A.L.Teptin Multipoint boundary value problem with a sign regular Green function 65

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