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№7, 2005

Yu.R.Agachev and A.I.Leonov Solution of one class of integro-differential equations by the method of mechanical quadratures 1
M.A.Voronetskaya and A.G.Ivanov The almost periodic Bolza problem 6
Yu.A.Konyaev and N.G.Panfilov The asymphtotic analysis of linear periodic systems of homogenous differential equations with a large or small parameter 23
N.A.Koreshkov The Engel theorem for algebras of Lie type 28
B.S.Kochkarev Structure properties of a certain class of maximal Sperner families of subsets 35
L.A.Masaltsev The bitangent Bianchi transformation of a submanifold of constant negative curvature Hn of the Euclidean space R2n 41
V.N.Pavlenko and E.A.Chizh Strongly resonance elliptic variational inequalities with discontinuous nonlinearities 47
J.T.Silchenko Semigroups with nondensely given generating operator 55
M.R.Timerbayev Weight estimates for a solution of an anisotropically degenerating equation with Neumann boundary conditions in the points of degeneracy 61
D.E.Lomakin An operator of the Radon transformation of integer functions of many complex variables 74

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