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№3, 2005

O.G.Avsyankin and V.M.Deundyak On the index of multidimensional integral operators with bihomogeneous kernel and variable coefficients 1
G.A.Akishev Orders of approximation of functional classes by polynomials with respect to the generalized Haar system 11
A.N.Koval'chuk, V.G.Novokhrost, and O.L.Yablonskii Approximation of differential equations with generalized coefficients by finite-difference equations with average-out 21
M.Yu.Kokurin Stable approximation of solutions of nonsmooth operator equations 30
V.A.Kolmykov Positivity properties of CartanЦTits and KacЦMoody forms 35
Yu.F.Korobeinik Certain spaces of functions infinitely differentiable in an open set in Rp 39
A.A.Kytmanov An analog of the BochnerЦMartinelli representation in d-circular polyhedrons of the space Cd 49
Ye.A.Mazepa Boundary value problems and the Liouville theorems for semilinear elliptic equations on Riemannian manifolds 56
A.V.Ozhegova The uniform convergence of approximate solutions of weakly singular integral equations of the I kind 63
E.A.Savinov Asymptotic properties of finite dimensional conditional distributions of spherical symmetric measures on locally convex spaces 67
N.B.Uskova On the method of similar operators in Banach algebras 75

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