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№2, 2005

A.Yu.Aleksandrov and A.P.Zhabko Stability of solutions of nonlinear difference systems 1
A.G.Ivanov One feature of a solution of an almost periodic optimization problem 11
G.G.Islamov A certain class of one rank perturbations 28
A.N.Mironov The Riemann solution method for the Cauchy problem 32
M.G.Plotnikov Reconstruction of coefficients of the bivariate Haar series 42
E.A.Shirokova Spatial problems for a certain class of plates analogous to basic problems of the plane elasticity theory 51
G.I.Shishkin The domain decomposition method in the case of nonoverlapping subdomains for a singularly perturbed convection-diffusion equation 58
A.N.Abyzov Direct sums of weakly regular modules 71
I.V.Olemskoi Construction of explicit methods of the RungeЦKutta type of integration of systems of the special kind 71
I.V.Sapronov A multiparameter family of solutions of the integral Volterra equation with a singularity in a Banach space 78

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