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№ 12, 2005

V.A.Emelichev and K.G.Kuz'min Quasi-stability measure of the l1-metric for a vector combinatorial problem with\newline a parametric optimality principle 1
G.G.Zabudskii Complexity of the allocation problem on a line with constraints on minimal distances 9
T.Yu.Kashirtseva and A.G.Chentsov Representation of a sheaf of admissible trajectories in a linear control problem with an impulse constraint 13
V.S.Klimov Convergence of the conditional gradient method 25
I.V.Konnov An approximate dual type method for systems of variational inequalities 33
S.Ya.Serovaiskii The coefficient control problem and the extended derivative over a convex set 43
S.G.Solodky The efficient choice of discrete data for solution of ill-posed problems 52
V.A.Srochko and S.N.Ushakova A bilinearization solution method for problems of program control optimization 59
A.S.Strekalovskii and T.T.Yakovleva A modification of the Rosen method for an inverse-convex problem 65
Yu.A.Chernyaev Convergence of the gradient projection method for a certain class of nonconvex problems in mathematical programming 71
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