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№10, 2005

V.V.Aseev, D.G.Kuzin, and A.V.Tetenov Angles between sets and welding of quasisymmetric maps in metric spaces 1
F.N.Garifianov and B.Toure The inversion problem for a singular integral over a circular sector 11
Ye.S.Zhukovskii Nonlinear Volterra equations in a Banach function space 14
A.G.Ivanov Dynamic system of translations and solvability of an almost periodic optimization problem 25
Yu.Ya.Isayenko The structure of second order periodic matrix-valued functions with determinant identically equal to one 42
G.A.Sviridyuk and I.K.Trineeva The Whitney fold in the phase space of the Hoff equation 49
S.A.Stepanyants Necessary conditions of the Tauber type for Cesaro summation methods 56
R.S.Khairullin The Gellerstedt type problem for an equation of the second kind 67
T.N.Andreeva Intrinsic geometry of nets on a hypersurface of conformal space 73

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