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№1, 2005

V.N.Abrashin and N.G.Zhadaeva One additive method for time-dependent NavierЦStokes equations 1
I.E.Anufriev and V.G.Korneev Numerical testing of the decomposition method for the p-version of the finite element method 7
I.B.Badriev and O.A.Zadvornov Investigation of solvability of an axisymmetric problem of the equilibrium position of a soft rotation shell 21
P.P.Volosevich, E.I.Levanov, and E.V.Severina Mathematical modeling of heat transmission in a moving medium considering the relaxation of heat flow and volume sources of energy 27
A.V.Gulin, N.I.Ionkin, and V.A.Morozova Difference schemes for nonlocal problems 36
V.S.Zheltukhin Solvability conditions for a system of boundary value problems of the radio-frequency underpressure plasma theory 47
O.A.Zadvornov Investigation of a nonlinear stationary filtration problem in the presence of a point source 53
A.V.Muzalevsky and S.I.Repin Error estimates for approximate solutions of problems of the linear thermoelasticity theory 60
G.I.Shishkin The method of adaptable grids for singularly perturbed elliptic equations of reactionЦdiffusion in a domain with a curvilinear boundary 69

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