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№9, 2006

S.A.Aldashev DarbouxЦProtter problems for degenerate multidimensional hyperbolic equations 1
I.A.Allakov Solvability conditions for a system of linear Diophantine equations with prime variables 8
L.E.Valiullova and A.V.Ozhegova Uniform approximations of a solution of a singular integral equation of the first kind with the Cauchy kernel on a segment 15
F.N.Garif'yanov The Stieltjes moments of entire functions from class A 21
D.I.Ivanov Weakly implicative selector sets 27
N.A.Koreshkov On nilpotency and decomposition of algebras of associative type 32
E.K.Lipachev Solution of the Dirichlet problem for the Helmholtz equation in domains with a rough boundary 40
A.D.Lyashko and E.M.Fedotov Correctness of double-layer multicomponent difference schemes for nonlinear hyperbolic equations 47
E.A.Turilova On certain classes of subspaces affiliated with a von Neumann algebra in the representation space of the algebra B(H) associated with a weight 55
E.A.Utkina A partial differential equation with singular coefficients 63
G.V.Khromova Modules of continuity of unbounded operators 67
T.V.Eliseeva Transformation operators and their application to the solution of problems about the structure of wave and temperature fields in a piecewise homogeneous half-space 75

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